Oil Pulling

Okay I just did something I thought I could never do… no I didn’t climb a mountain, or run a marathon (I wish)… I managed to oil pull for 15 minutes – yes 15 mins!!
I really didn’t think I could do it, because essentially it is a pretty disgusting concept (you’ll find out more below..) but it was easier than I thought it would be.
I was inspired by a friend who posted a photo and said she had tried ‘oil pulling’ this morning and so I thought I’d give it a go too.
I took a spoon of coconut oil in my mouth and went off to vacuum the house and because I was distracted and not thinking about what I was doing too much… I managed a whole 11 minutes before I came down and saw the clock and started struggling. I then managed an extra 4 minutes. before I just HAD to spit it out. The key (for me anyway) is to not focus on it and be distracted/busy and away from a clock and a sink whilst doing it!

So what is it?

Oil pulling is when you ‘work’ oil in your mouth by pulling, sucking and pushing it through your teeth for about 20 minutes (ideally) in order to enhance your dental health and in time your overall health.
It’s an ancient technique originating from Ayurvedic medicine from around 3000 years ago.

White teeth... cost less than we think...

Healthy white teeth… easier to achieve than we think

How do you do it?

You take approximately 1 tablespoon of oil in your mouth and then swish (rinse) it around.
The oil needs to be pushed and pulled through your mouth till it turns a milky white colour. This shows that the bacteria has been ‘pulled’ away.
It takes approximately 20 minutes for the oil solution to be filled with bacteria, viruses and other yucky stuff. (I know 20 minutes sounds like ages, but I managed a whole 15 mins on my first attempt… so time can pass quickly if your distracted like I was).

-Firstly, swish the oil gently around your mouth. My jaw really hurt for the first few minutes, so I slowed it down and as the solution became more watery (eugh I know) it got easier.
-Secondly do not swallow any of the oil, if you can’t help it, spit some out and start again and take a smaller amount.
-Lastly, when you finish ‘pulling’ you MUST spit the oil solution out and rinse your mouth properly.
-Do not drink anything BEFORE you have rinsed your mouth.
-Rinse your mouth thoroughly before you drink or eat anything else (remember you’re trying to get rid of the nasty bacteria you’ve just pulled out of your mouth)

DO NOT DRINK OR SWALLOW THE SOLUTION and DO NOT spit it into a sink (it will clog up your pipes, eventually).
Someone mentioned, when it has been spit into grass the oil solution has killed the grass …. eugh…. so that shows how much bacteria and nasty stuff is hanging around our mouths(!)

What should you use?

The recommended oil to ‘pull’ with is coconut oil because 50% of it’s fat is made up of lauric acid, which is regarded for its antimicrobial actions. Studies have also shown the benefit of coconut oil in preventing tooth decay.
Sesame oil and sunflower oil have been used but because they are made up of omega 6 fats, they are pro-inflammatory and we already use a lot of these in our diets so they aren’t as popular.

Why do it?

  • The oil hits your teeth and gums and picks up microbes and bacteria hiding within your gums and in pores and tubes (tubules) within your teeth. It sucks them out and holds them firmly in the oil solution.
  • The longer you swish, push and pull, the more microbes are pulled free.
  • Several studies have suggested a strong link between serious disease and bacteria in your mouth. Streptococcus mutans, a bacterium found commonly in our oral cavities is known to cause diseases such as sinusitis, pneumonia and even meningitis to name a few.
  • Some dentists (the ones that are open to holistic medicine) believe that oil pulling with refined coconut oil  can act as a natural preventative to tooth decay and overall health, especially if you consider the harsh chemicals in most mouthwashes.
  • It has been known for whitening teeth, strengthening gums and even your jaw, improving halitosis (bad breath), aid in oral pain issues and even help people to sleep better!

So I did it! Yay! Am I going to do it again? Yes. Having researched the benefits and seen my teeth immediately after pulling, I’d say it will be worth it. My teeth are gleaming today, they have a shine, they still have a yellowy tinge but I’m hoping in time they will look less discoloured and become white again.
I messed up though, because I decided to research it AFTER I had oil pulled… so I spat out the oil solution in to my sink and I drank water straight after because my throat felt dry :(
Oh well you live and you learn! Onwards and upwards as they say… tomorrow I’ll make sure I follow the procedure I’ve just highlighted for you! Duh!

You may be thinking what has this post got to do with reflecting? Well I managed to push past my boundaries and do something that made me want to heave just thinking about. I weighed the benefits against the drawbacks and used the old head, which in turn has made me happy and feel like I can do anything…. well almost ha ha ;)

Plus sharing is caring and all that jazz… and I just want a world full of beautiful, happy smiles :)





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