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Why We All NEED To Be More Compassionate

What is compassion? “Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others: the victims should be treated with compassion” Source: Literally, compassion means “to suffer together.” Unlike empathy (which it is sometimes confused with), compassion doesn’t stop at taking another person’s perspective into account or just feeling that person’s emotions. You feel compassionate,…

Don’t Give The Silent Treatment

I read this excerpt from ‘Love It Forward’ By Jeff Brown and was left deep in thought…. “There are two types of relational silence- one that serves the connection, one that damages it. In the first, silence comes with the qualifier “I need some quiet time to reflect”, which is healthy and respectful to the…

2 out of 3 of all doctors visits end with a prescription.
Image Credit: American Recall Centre

What Should I Ask My Doctor/Pharmacist When I Am Being Prescribed Medication?

I was approached by the American Recall Centre last week and asked to write a piece about pharmaceuticals for National Drug Facts Week (January 26th – February 1st 2015). The American Recall Centre is a great resource for anyone interested in knowing more about drug and medical device recalls or healthcare safety information ( ) They asked me…