Food Makes The World Go Round

Last week’s ‘Daily Prompt’ for us ‘writers’ was to pen down what we wanted about sugar and the anticipation that eating desserts can bring.
This topic brought so many thoughts flying through my head… all at once… of course(!) So bear with me… ; )

Now I love sweet sugary food and everyone that knows me, knows this.
I can’t step away from the chocolate, the cake, the sugary fizzy sweets – I just can’t. Not even when my children are around watching me and then wondering why I don’t give them any (yes, I’m hanging my head in shame here).
I’m lucky though because a lot of the fizzy sweets that I eat come in packets that have bright warning stickers on them that say “WARNING: This product may cause hyperactivity and adverse effects…”
So I cheekily show them the label and say they are not for children, only adults and they willingly back off… thank God(!) And so I continue to consume copious amounts of rubbish knowing full well it’s not going to do me any good.. in the long run. Sigh.

Warning: these sweets may have an adverse effect... step away... no? Munch munch

Warning: these sweets may have an adverse effect… step away… no? Munch munch…

This prompt then got me thinking about what food means to people. It’s such a HUGE part of our lives.
We go to work, so we can buy food which we can then eat to provide us the energy and strength to go back to work… okay okay to do a lot more than that obviously but some people don’t have much time left after their working hours to do much else, bless them. It’s hard working all day essentially to fill our bellies.
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) said “If it were not for the Belly, the Back might wear Gold.”

Back to my main point – food takes over our lives.

I see the excitement in peoples’ eyes when they see a good spread of food at a party, wedding or even just at the work training session!
Their eyes light up, people rush to grab what they can before everyone else and then try and find someone to talk with, starting off of course with the luscious topic of food;
“oooh isn’t it a great spread” or
“I would’ve thought that it would’ve been better than this”.

I’ve always had a vision of domestic bliss, since I was a child… and part of that vision is the smell of yummy warm cake in the oven. It’s such a warm and inviting smell. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right and it certainly makes everyone who has a slice happy.
Strange isn’t it? How food can evoke feelings and make you feel better instantly?

Mmmm cupcakes smell sooo good

Mmmm cupcakes smell sooo good

Chicken soup, although not sweet, is another food that stimulates feelings for me. When I’m ill chicken soup is like a big warm hug. It’s just what I need and I love the warm liquid running down my throat, massaging it along the way.

Food brings people together like nothing else. When a new neighbour moves in on your street, the best way to welcome them is to take over some cake, chocolate or food of some kind.
When people need to sort things out, its always done best over a dinner.
When you need to say sorry, a lot of people head to the chocolate shelf first.

Oscar Wilde said in ‘A Woman of No Importance’ : “After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”

They say in order to show people what you’re truly like invite them over for dinner. There can be so many possibilities to break down barriers by sharing food with neighbours and people we don’t often get a chance to meet due to our hectic lives.
I remember as a child, my mum opening our door to people, cooking for them and making them feel important and loved. It wasn’t so much about what was served, but more the effort and the time taken to do this for someone.

By giving people your food, you are giving of yourself, a small part of you. People appreciate that.

Grilled chicken

All religions and human compassion in general encourage feeding the poor, sharing what you have with others and not making those that you do help feel inferior.
There are so many charitable organisations now such as food banks, women’s refuges and soup kitchens which provide warm food to those that need it most. They provide the perfect scenario for people to talk and help them to open up and share their problems and have their needs to be identified.

Thomas Fuller said “Charity begins at home, but should not end there.”

As much as we all love to eat good food with good friends and family, we need to look beyond ourselves too. For a full stomach did nobody any favours, as Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) stated “Hold your Council before Dinner; the full Belly hates Thinking as well as Acting.”.

We need to eat, we should eat and we should enjoy the food that we earn with such difficulty. However it does make sense to  to appreciate food but not in excess.

As Maya Angelou said “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
So the next meal that you look at today, think of the blessings that God has bestowed upon you and be grateful and then give some money or food to someone you know that needs it, be it for physical or emotional nourishment and do it cheerfully.
Whatever you give, will be given back to you tenfold in other blessed ways in your life. 

So to draw all my food ramblings together..  I’m thinking that even though the old idiom says ‘love makes the world go round’…. I personally think food also makes the world go round – after all it is a form of love. xxx





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