Air Travel

Air travel used to be such a luxury. Remember when someone used to announce they were flying somewhere and it was such a big deal?
People would go and visit them before they left and also upon their return. I remember seeing hoards of family and friends going to drop off the people flying and sometimes it was just an individual flying but they had an entourage of 30 people accompanying them to the airport! That person was made to feel so special. Their journey was rare and their stories, their pictures and souvenirs were anticipated upon their return.
Fast forward a few years and air travel is now the equivalent to a train journey – for some. People travel across their country in an aeroplane instead of by train or car. It can be cheaper than a train ticket sometimes.. (yes that’s tragic) and more convenient.

Endless people announce daily that they are going on holiday, some long haul and some short. Some announce they’re flying on business. One of my loved ones has been known to travel between 5 countries on business in 5 days, hopping from one country overnight to the next via plane.
It’s not such a huge issue anymore when someone does go thousands of miles away. We see their photos on facebook, twitter and instagram immediately. We facetime, skype, we talk over the phone. We are always connected even though not physically.
We are happy for them whilst envious, always looking forward to the day we can book our next flight and go away to some foreign land where the grass is oh so much greener(!)
Of course we’re always eager to forget about that dreaded holiday laundry and the bills that await us when we get back. : |

All aboard... ready to fly...

All aboard… ready to fly…

Although, so much has changed in our perception of travel and going the long distances that we do, some things should never change.

Flight MH370 is suspected to be lying somewhere deep in the southern Indian Ocean. An incredibly sad announcement was made by the Prime Minister of Malaysia yesterday to inform family members about those precious souls that have lost their lives.
They made plans, had somewhere to be. We all makes plans, but the sad reality is that we don’t know where we may end up. Will we reach our desired destination?

This tragedy acted as a reminder to me to never leave things badly with anyone. We don’t know how long we have, we don’t really know if we will ever get the chance to make amends.
If you need to say ‘sorry’ – say it. If you need to let someone you love know that you indeed love them – do it.
Don’t slam the door on your way out to work because you’re annoyed or because you got out of the wrong side of bed.
What if that is the last time you see that special someone? What if that is the last memory you leave them with of you?

Even if you are the one that feels you have been wronged, it won’t kill you to take the first step and to approach the person you care about deep in your heart. It may kill your ego (but then that is never a bad thing).

It’s not worth it. Life is too short.

We are reminded of this daily, yet we become immune to it. We somehow think we have forever and a day to sort things out, ourselves out. What if we don’t?

It may be rare to die whilst travelling in the air, apparently you’re more likely to die in a car accident.
Whatever the method, it could be whilst simply crossing the road to go to the local shop to buy milk… the point is… we don’t know how all of this ends. How we end…

So grab today by the horns. Challenge yourself… tell everyone that needs to hear it from you that you care, that you love them and that you’re trying and will continue to try to be the best that you can be.
If you know you need to stop doing something because it is hurting others and yourself… try again today. Everyday is a fresh start. A blessing from God to make things better.

I’m now going to get off… I’m going to go and give my daughter a tight cuddle and reassure her and let her know what she means to me. I’ll then message my other half and say the same…

Will you be speaking to someone too?




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