Everything Changes

Everything and everyone changes. Nothing is constant so why do we expect things to remain so?
Just like the seasons, people change; their feelings, their views and opinions are constantly evolving.
We are constantly growing in some form or another and if we aren’t then I guess we aren’t living. It’s a part of life.
If we were to stay the same forever, there would be no growth, no development and we would be unable to deal with different circumstances in the way that we can as we get older and age with experience.

Knowing this however, doesn’t stop us mere mortals from relying on others and expecting them (and our relationships with them) to never change. We expect that the love we feel today for someone will be just as strong in years to come, not taking into account that life will throw obstacles our way and they will change us and our loved ones.

The only way to not feel let down in life is to not expect anything from anyone. Knowing this, we still continue to expect people to drop whatever they are doing when we are upset or need help and when it doesn’t happen… we feel rejected, disappointed and sometimes even depressed. It’s hard accepting that we aren’t as important to someone as we once were.

I’m learning that there will be times when I will also let someone down, whether I believe it or not in my heart, there will be times where I can’t be there for someone and I may have a pretty damn good reason- but it may not be good enough for the individual I’m letting down.

I also know that although absolutely everything changes around us, the ONE thing that is absolutely constant and always there for me is God. So I put my trust in Him and rely on Him alone. For I believe that with God by my side, I don’t really need anyone to get me through this thing called life. And the beautiful people that are part of it, right now at this moment, are a blessing… they may not be as big a part of my life in years to come, but that’s okay because I know that I will adapt. For everything is constantly changing and us humans were built to adapt to it. Believe it or not.





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10 thoughts on “Everything Changes

  1. I don’t know who or what God is, or even if God exists in any way that remotely resembles what so many people imagine. But I agree with you about change. We seem to have a hard time accepting that things and people don’t stay the same, and as soon as something changes, we try to figure out what went wrong. Letting go of expectations is the key, and one of the things I need to work on. Thank you for the reminder.


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  3. So true. You may not be able to rely on people to be consistent but you can rely on change. I would say the best one can do is learn to stop resisting inevitable changes and just roll with the punches

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