Beauty Standards

A really interesting piece…
Radio journalist, Esther Honig, wanted to see how female beauty is defined around the world. She sent a self portrait to various designers around the world and asked them to make her look beautiful or like a woman from their country’s fashion magazine. The results were interesting to say the least… for me the #USA image is most definitely the freakiest. America was the only country to change Esther’s facial structure.

Each country has its own preference of what women should look like and these images show them in some form.

  • What are your thoughts?
  • Which photoshopped image stood out for you and surprised you most?
  • Do a lot of countries have ‘euro-centric’ beauty ideals now?
  • Which country are you from? Do you find fair skin tone and blue/green eyes more attractive?


See the images and read more below:

#beauty #images #photoshop



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5 thoughts on “Beauty Standards

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