I am scared
Frightened and anxious
Everything I read
And watch on the internet and TV
Leads me to believe
We have learned nothing from history

I am scared
That history will repeat itself
Humans are weak and gullible
They know what is right
But are easily brainwashed by those that aren’t contrite

I am scared
That people will be made to flee
From a country that fought for democracy

I am scared there will be a revolution
People will take to the streets
And take sticks and rocks to
Every stereotyped person they meet

I am scared
My children will have to see
People being persecuted for their culture and belief
I don’t want them to see such prejudice
Nor that kind of grief

I am scared that everything we stand for
Justice, equality, freedom of speech
Will soon be waivered and not beseeched

I am scared
One day soon I’ll lose my friends
My job, my neighbours, my house
I’ll lose my voice and be seen as meek as a mouse

I am scared
These times are on their way
For everything I see
And all the comments I read
Lead me to believe
That we have learnt nothing from history

~ Accidentally Reflective



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4 thoughts on “I AM SCARED

  1. Excellent!! So true! And agree that it is scarey that in this day and age with technology and media and knowledge on our finger tips that we don’t have the intellect to have learnt from history and make a change that would make positive history!!

    It’s frustrating, as you and I are not alone in this. The comments we read on certain things does reflect people’s fear and frustrations.. But why isn’t that enough to help make a change? Because we have the wrong people in power? We aren’t united enough? Too much hatred and prejudice exist and manifests itself so easily..

    We need to all become independent thinkers, use our intellect and seek the truth for ourselves and continue making a voice and maybe, just maybe someone in power will grow a brain and the veil be taken away from their hard hearts to allow the positive change become history!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well said Simes! It does feel like it at times- having access to so much media and people’s opinions can sometimes be worrying… It’s sad to see that we haven’t really changed all attitudes or mindsets towards prejudice. When I read comments on certain articles I can’t quite believe that people can so easily hate people they’ve never met and know nothing about, all because of something someone has done and the side the media has shown. You hit the nail on the head we need to start thinking for ourselves!


  2. The only way I can find to comfort myself is to think about how many people there are, and how many actually go around hurting others and causing problems. It’s really a very small fraction. But it does seem to be getting worse. I hope the majority will eventually refuse to put up with it anymore.


    • Yes I hope so too, however it does seem that prejudice is still rife and sometimes it seems from the comments I read on social media that despite all of the work that people have done in terms of trying to eradicate inequality, for some communities it may have been futile. Sorry for being so depressing about it all … I do worry though… sigh.


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