My Son’s BBC Boycott – Update

It is exactly a week today that my children decided to stop watching CBBC (Children’s BBC) or BBC iplayer (see the link to the previous post below if you’re wondering why they’d do that).
I thought I’d give you a small update on their progress.

The picture that accompanied my son's letter to the BBC last week to tell them they were being 'naughty'

The picture that accompanied my son’s letter to the BBC last week to tell them they were being ‘naughty’

For the first few days, my children kept asking whether the BBC were being ‘fair yet’ and then… they just stopped asking.
I think even they understand that changing a biased mindset takes time.
So we have now reverted to spending A LOT of time making loom bands, watching ‘stuff’ on youtube and reading!

That is pretty much how we have spent the first week of the school holidays.
Despite having no intention to boycott anything, let alone the BBC, I cannot deny that it has worked very well and it is my seven year old son that I should thank for encouraging us to do this.

His quest for the truth and equality helped me to realise the strength my children have.
It has helped me to see how they can discipline themselves if they wish to and also that they don’t need CBBC! Yay!

The BBC haven’t changed their stance really, they didn’t even report factually on the millions of people that protested and marched worldwide from, Australia, to Mauritius, to South Africa, to Morocco, to Montreal, to Brussels to London, to Boston, to Chicago, to New York, to Sau Paulo.
How they manage to think that no one would notice, I’ll never understand.

So through my children I have learnt that I don’t need the BBC either! I feel liberated…    *dances a small jig* 😉

Marcel Proust’s words come to mind here:

“We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us”

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