Social Media

Social media is a strange thing. People spill out minute details of their lives on a regular basis, some on an hourly basis.
Someone can accumulate thousands of followers and not know any of them.
Because of social media you can meet someone in the street that you ‘follow’ and practically feel like you know them so well and the life they live.
And that individual wouldn’t know a thing about you. Strange isn’t it?

There are people out there that have hundreds of thousands of followers on You Tube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They share their views, what they wear, what they buy, what they eat, who they see and where they go with such ease and although it’s a brilliant way to connect, I’m not convinced it’s such a good thing to share SO much with people you don’t know anything about.

Alas this is the new trend, everyone is doing it, jumping on the bandwagon and quite literally getting carried away… hell even I did it to a point!

social media

I met someone that has almost 346,000 ‘likers’ on Facebook and tonnes on Twitter and Instagram too a few weeks ago at my children’s school… it was a strange moment, because it felt like I had met her before and knew her. Of course she had never met me, knew nothing about me – it was an odd moment and I’m not sure I’d like that, if I was walking around getting on with my business and I was recognised by people. But I’m kinda like that.

One thing I do know is that I’m not going to be keen, when my children start sharing our personal lives with the world. I’ve got to be realistic – it’s going to happen.
I’m not sure how you can instil a sense of privacy in the next generation.

I recently read that a study has found that taking excessive selfies can lead to narcissism, addiction and mental illness.
Now this doesn’t surprise me at all, because having a social media presence can mean that you feel the need to make your followers engage, to like you, to want to be like you and leave positive comments. And so an individual may feel that they need to look good at all times, need to be in the right places regularly, to be constantly trying to ‘show’ everyone that they are exciting and cool and when they don’t feel like that or they can’t ‘perform’, they may start feeling anxious, disheartened and even depressed.

So yes, as much as I love social media and the fact that I am in touch with some amazing people, I learn so much and have access to sooo much information, I do worry about what the future holds for the next generation.

What is all of this going to lead to?
Are we going to become people that are constantly under pressure to ‘perform’, to engage, to gain a following? Are we already there?

What happened to the good old days, where you would just hang out with a couple of friends at the park or at a restaurant, soak in the atmosphere and just enjoy each other each others’ company without worrying about the company of thousands of people you don’t even know and probably will never know?

What are your thoughts? Do you feel pressured to increase your following or to post pictures and updates regularly?




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9 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. My wife and I frequently find ourselves having to say to our son, “Don’t put this on Facebook!” Everything that happens isn’t necessarily a story or worthy of an announcement. At least that’s the way it used to be.

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