BBC We Are Back ON!

I thought I would quickly update you on my son’s decision to not watch his favourite TV shows on CBBC (Children’s BBC channel) because of their recent ‘unfair’ reporting.

It is now day 27 and I am still surprised he and his siblings have lasted so long on principle!
I must add we do have Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and Peppa Pig to thank for keeping us going!

There has been a shift in reporting recently and yesterday the BBC supported and broadcasted the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) appeal to help those that have lost homes and need assistance.

Read more here:

The BBC have also attended the latest peaceful protest in London and reported impartially on it.

Read more from them here:

Credit: BBC News

Image Credit: BBC News

This whole episode, proves that people do have a voice, it can be heard and make a difference.
If we see injustice, we must speak out, whether we support that person or group of people or not.
We cannot expect our children to learn the positive values of equality, fairness and kindness, if we don’t show them what they are first.

The truth is what always matters, whether one is wrong or right and ownership of telling the truth, leads to respect and dignity.

So BBC, we are back on! Let BBC iPlayer commence, let me watch The Great British Bake Off again (thankfully I only missed one episode). I was very tempted to watch it on Monday night, but how could I when my young children were being so strong in the face of prejudice?

Now that some media around the world is doing its job properly and the way it should. We can only hope and pray that the conflict is resolved quickly and fairly for the sake of all human life.

My children have taught themselves and I a great lesson. They have seen that standing up to injustice can pay off.
That sometimes people will learn from their mistakes and indeed correct them.

I’ll leave you with words from Frances Wright to reflect on…

Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it.

You can find the original post on our BBC Boycott here.

If you’d like to donate to help people that are suffering right now, please do take a look at the DEC website.





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