With Hardship There Is Ease

I had a particularly difficult day yesterday and the only thing that got me through it was realising and appreciating the blessings in my life.
I wanted to share these thoughts with you, in case you happen to be going through a bad time …

The Background

My son has been ill for a couple of days now and the night before last I went to check on him before finally going to sleep myself. I was shattered and was not expecting to see what I did…

He was fast asleep and covered in vomit.
It was all over his face, neck, hair, inside his pyjama top, his arms, over his pillow and 2 layers of sheets.

I woke him praying he hadn’t choked on it and thankfully he responded.
He asked me “Mum is this real?”
I said yes and just stood there in shock.
I was alone and didn’t know where to start with clearing the mess.
I managed to strip him and get him out of bed and in to the bath.

Now usually I quickly strip the bed to prevent the vomit seeping in to other places, while my husband puts the said child in to the bath and then I bath the child and make the bed up, while my husband loads the washing machine (yes we have been through this before!).
This process is usually very efficient and as bad as it has felt in the past…. it cannot be compared to dealing with it all alone.

I had to leave him standing in the bath alone, whilst I quickly stripped the bed.
I found that the vomit had got through every sheet layer and there was a HOLE in the plastic mattress protector and so it had seeped through to his mattress! EEEEEK!!!
The whole room STANK!

I bathed him and as he stood looking very groggy, I asked him “where will you sleep?!”
I couldn’t think.
I knew I couldn’t risk putting him in my bed and was afraid that he’d vomit all over the floor in his room and I wouldn’t be there.

Eventually I managed to find a duvet, a towel and some sheets and put him to sleep on the floor in my room.
I then went to clear the mess. I must have got to bed around 1am and then was woken at 4am thinking he’d made a mess but he hadn’t and I didn’t sleep after that.

Now the next day was to be an unusually difficult day because:

1. I had to drop my middle child with a packed lunch to school early at 7.30am (usually it’s 8.40am) for a school trip to London
2. It was raining (that makes EVERYTHING harder!)
3. I had no petrol (the warning light started flashing as I got to school)
4. I ran out of washing powder – yes washing powder(!)
5. I had to wash and dry everything that very day so that my son could sleep in his bed that night (about 4 loads of washing)
6. I had to pick up my younger son at 5.30pm after his trip (so going out around dinner time when I usually don’t have to)
7. I had to buy a new mattress protector so this wouldn’t happen again

I managed to drop my younger son off and then my daughter an hour later for nursery.
I went home and loaded the washing machine and then in a 45 minute mad dash… I managed to get petrol, drive to a supermarket and buy some food, washing powder, speed to the specialist shop across town to get the mattress protector and then across town again to pick up my daughter from nursery at 11.15am.
My heart was racing and my stress levels felt like they were 100%… I felt like i was going to explode into bits.

This is now a necessity for me, to prevent any mess getting in to a mattress.... and saving a whole day's work : /

This is now a necessity for me, to prevent any mess getting in to a mattress…. and saving a whole day’s work : /

The Lesson

The rest of the day, I managed to get through all of the above jobs on 2.5 hours sleep and I really cannot understand how I did it all, whilst looking after and feeding the children.
The only thing that got me through the day was recognising the fact that I was blessed that I had:

1. A washing machine
2. A dryer
3. Central heating
4. A car
5. Money to go buy expensive mattress protectors

I thought about the many people out there that don’t have these things and that have to scrimp and save to buy food, let alone such luxuries that we see as necessities.

I wondered how they manage.
I then thought about those amazing single parents out there that do this all alone – ALL OF THE TIME! They should be given awards… seriously.
No one should judge a parent that is doing it all alone when they lose their temper or don’t stop to hug their child after school pick up… you don’t know what they are going through that day.

So you see, I learned that through hardship there is always ease. And it is when you recognise and appreciate the ‘ease’ that God has given you amongst your difficulty that you make it through whole.

There is ALWAYS someone going through worse than you… remind yourself of that and then your workload or problems may feel slightly… just slightly better.

Much love 🙂

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12 thoughts on “With Hardship There Is Ease

  1. obviously like your website but you need to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts.
    A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very troublesome to inform the reality then again I’ll
    definitely come back again.


    • Hi Brendan, thanks so much for your feedback. I’m not sure which words seem to appear misspelt? Could it be that you are expecting to see USA English and I am using British English? Thanks for letting me know. I do check my posts over a few times for errors but it’s easy to to miss things at times.


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