New Year New Me 2015

I am really keen to make some changes this year. I shared Diseradata with you in one of my posts (you can find it here: ) and a lot of the beautiful gems of advice in that piece will form a part of my many resolutions for the coming year, such as finding peace in being silent(!)

In addition I want to do the following:

1. Drink more water everyday

2. Eat healthier and not eat as much junk!!! (I ALWAYS fail this one)

3. Think before I speak (try my very best to!)

4. To not care so much (by this I mean, not let other people’s bad decisions affect me and take up so much of my time worrying about them. I struggle with this because of course it’s good to care for people, but I think when you know that these people don’t value your advice and sincerity, it’s not worth worrying so much about them. I will continue to pray for them though.)

5. To write and publish more often (I will try to publish a new post on a weekly basis)

6. To type up and edit a story I wrote 10 years ago

7. To try to be more patient, gentle and calm (TRY!!! I’m sighing at the thought)

8. To write something daily. I’ve read that in order to become a better writer, you must write on a daily basis. Anything. Everything. Journalling is a very good way of doing this, so I really need to decide whether I write in a book on a daily basis, or I type up whatever comes to my mind in to a single place on some gadget. Although I can’t see myself doing this everyday, I want to try!

9. To spend 15 minutes each day with each one of my children doing something they want to do – alone. I’ve read that spending just 15 minutes with your child does so much for their self-esteem. This sounds so simple, but when you have 3 children that are together ALL of the time, that need to get to the SAME places each day at the same time, it’s difficult to separately do an activity with each.
Yet I know I need to do this, especially for my middle child, who I think will benefit greatly and may be more content with what he has, if he has quality time with one of his parents each day.

10. To visit my grandmothers more regularly, if not weekly.

11. To make more of an effort to see or speak to my neighbours (I’ve already started doing this 🙂 )

12. To raise more money for charity, ideally a local one in my city this year (ADDED NOTE: I received an email today from to say my JustGiving page was in the top 1% of fundraisers for 2014 and one of the most successful, so even though I had already intended to raise more money in 2015, I feel slightly pressured to raise the bar from last year. Let’s see what happens, it wasn’t my initial intention but this email prompted me to aim to raise more).

13. To try and handle my OCD tendencies which seem to be getting worse.

14. To start saving (I spend everything I have, if it’s not on shopping, I literally give it away when I can. I recently read an article which talked about getting serious about saving for your pension in your 30’s and it was a wake up call for me)

15. To read more – A LOT more

Important - drink more water

Important – drink more water



I know a lot of people give up on resolutions early on in January (including myself) and don’t see the point in keeping them.
Obviously I have been trying to achieve these things in the past year or so, without a specific start date but becoming more conscious of them at the beginning of this year is a way of giving myself a chance to try again.
This year, more than any other year before, I felt I needed to write them down and commit to them.
I have resolutions on the list that include other people, therefore, knowing full well that it is very likely that I may mess up the drinking water and eating no junk targets (I already have messed up… ahem!), I do feel I will try my best to commit to the others, because I want to make a change.
I do want to make more time for other people and I also want to work on not speaking my mind so readily.  

I do think I will meet 2 out of 3 of the writing targets, however, I’m not so sure I’ll achieve the writing daily resolution just yet. This year is a busy one, with many commitments, however, I do hope that later on in the year I will be able to write on a daily basis and maybe even publish more regularly than I do currently.

If I’m realistic, I think I will achieve most of them in some way. I feel hopeful that I will most certainly improve!
The great thing is that now that I have written my resolutions down AND shared them with you, I will feel more responsibility towards them.
I’ll try to remember to update you in December 2015 on how I did!

I also intend to write more detailed posts on some of my resolutions in the coming weeks and explain why each of these are important for my/our existence and for our development. I’ll start with why we should drink more water… we ALL need to try and do that! 😉

Now tell me what are your resolutions, if any? How do you intend to stick to them this year?



I intend to :)

I intend to!



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8 thoughts on “New Year New Me 2015

  1. I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter
    a blog that’s equally educative and entertaining, and without a doubt,
    you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is something too few men and women are speaking intelligently about.

    I’m very happy that I stumbled across this during my search for
    something regarding this.


  2. I’ve gone with decreasing caffeine (made me incredibly irritable but after 11 days the cravings have pretty much disappeared) and to adopt a healthier approach to food / physical wellbeing (because I eat a lot of junk and I’m also my own worst enemy).

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  3. Oh I like this post! I will have to read it more closely another time, too. I love the start of a New Year and the positivity which it brings. I am a litte OCD, too. Don’t get me started about sugar and orange juice on Pancake Day!!xx


  4. Oh I like this post. I will have to read it again another time. I love the start of a New Year and the positivity it brings. I am a little OCD. Don’t get me started about orange juice and sugar on Pancake Day!!!x


    • Hi Louise! Thanks so much for stopping by. I love the positivity too, just wish it would continue throughout the year. I am giving myself 365 chances this year on the not eating junk target… that’s enough right?! 😉
      Nice to meet a fellow OCD-er! 🙂


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