10 Reasons To Drink More Water And 7 Ways To Make Sure You Do

One of my many resolutions for 2015 is to drink more water.
I say this literally every week and renew my plans every year. Have I achieved it yet? NO.

I want to, I really do, so I thought if I write down and share why it’s so important, it will encourage me to really make this change.
And guess what? It has worked. Amazing what a little research can do!
So I suggest you read on too…



Well the first and single most important reason is that without it… you will DIE! But we all know that, so here are 10 more reasons to pick up that glass:

1. More energy and focus
Your brain is made up of 75% water, therefore, hydrating it helps you to focus and concentrate better and become more alert. You will think clearer and have more energy too.

2. Lose weight
When you are properly hydrated, your body will remove the by-products of fat with more ease, it will raise your metabolism and can also help reduce your daily calorie intake by reducing hunger if consumed before meals.

3. Eliminate toxins, waste and bacteria
The body gets rid of waste through sweat and urination, the more you drink, the more you’ll urinate and eliminate waste, which in turn reduces the risk of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) and kidney stones.

4. Better moods
If your body is functioning at its best, you look good, you feel good and happier than when it isn’t.
When you aren’t properly hydrated, research has shown that you are more likely to be grumpy (if only I knew this through my teenage years and early motherhood, sorry mum and kids!).

5. Prevent cancer
Research has shown staying hydrated has helped reduce the risk of bladder cancer and colon cancer. (Read more: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/331514.stm, here http://www.webmd.com/cancer/bladder-cancer/bladder-cancer-prevention and here http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10404059 )

6. Less joint pain
Joint pain is less likely when the body is properly hydrated and joints and muscles are therefore lubricated and more elastic.

7. Great skin
You want to look young and glowing when your 85 right? Well drink up the H2O!
It keeps your skin looking fresh, hydrated, soft and smooth. It’ll help get rid of wrinkles, if you’re looking for anti-ageing treatment drinking up is by far the cheapest and most effective method of doing so!

8. Improve circulation of nutrients and general health
You could be eating a great diet, but without water, the nutrients from your food just wont get around your body as efficiently.
Water helps transport nutrients and oxygen to cells around the body, it can regulate body temperature and maintain your electrolyte (sodium) balance.

9. Prevent headaches
Who wants a headache? No one!
Drinking water can relieve headaches, migraines & back pains too! These can be caused by dehydration.

10. Keeps you regular
Water is an essential component to digesting your food. It prevents constipation… another good reason right?

Important - drink more water

Important – drink more water



1. Incorporate it into your routine
-Drink a full glass of water before going up to bed.
-Then refill it and cover it ready for the morning.
-Drink a glass as soon as you wake up.
-During the day, when you stop for a tea/coffee break, have a glass before or after it.
Just do it already!

2. Set some clear goals
This picture shows a great way of ensuring you have drunk enough. Put markers on your bottle, so that every 2 hours, you are drinking a certain amount:

A great idea to mark your bottle with time prompts. This is a empty milk bottle (hence the huge size) Image credit: 24/7 Moms

A great idea to mark your bottle with time prompts. This is a empty milk bottle (hence the size)
Image credit: 24/7 Moms


Make sure you use a non-toxic reusable bottle, DO NOT refill a mineral water bottle, they are not made to be reused and the cheap plastic they are made of emit toxins and increase the risk of getting cancer.

3. Set timers and alerts on your phone
If you are as distracted a person as I am, this will most definitely help!

4. Eat your water
You can eat more fresh fruit and veg to increase your water intake without realising it.
Foods that have a high water content include; lettuce, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, strawberries, grapefruit, watermelon (it’s in the name), cherries (my fave), grapes, apricots, courgettes (zucchini) and good old broccoli (your mum was right see!)

5. Change the taste 
If you don’t like the taste of water and find it too boring or bland, make it more interesting by adding, cucumber, lemon or berries in it.
I often like to drink warm water, I find I can drink more this way. So I drink it warm when everyone else drinks tea or coffee (hey you like your tea/coffee, I like my warm water – don’t judge!) 😉

6. Use a glass or a bottle you like
Your more likely to drink from it if you do.
I use the tall glass that you see in the picture above and I have a few, so if someone else uses one, I always have another to hand.

7. Give yourself some mental associations
So when you do a certain activity, such as waking up, or going for a jog, or cooking dinner, mentally associate drinking a glass before or after that activity.


I hope that these reasons and prompts are encouraging enough for you to also kick start this healthy habit.
Good luck! You can do it!
It’ll be worth the struggle – I promise!




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5 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Drink More Water And 7 Ways To Make Sure You Do

  1. It has been one of my long-term goals as well and I also have not accomplished it yet. I have a case sitting not 6 feet from me, but haven’t finished even one bottle from it yet.Thank you for the reminder. Very timely. 🙂 As I’m grabbing a bottle of water, literally, I’m trying to mentally firm that this bottle is no good for reuse. I did not know that before reading your post. 🙂


    • So glad you found it useful! 🙂
      Yes please do try and find a reusable bottle which is BPA free – those are safe to refill time and again.
      Also not sure if you know but never drink from a plastic water bottle that has been left in the car in the direct sun. The heat also makes the plastic emit toxins into the water and is very toxic for us.

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