How Are You?

I’ve been reflecting on my day and I am wondering how many people genuinely asked how you were today?

The sales person at the call centre doesn’t count!

We are so consumed with our schedules, places to be and things to do, it makes me wonder whether anyone stops and actually asks how someone they know is? And asks because they really want to know and want to listen?

What are your thoughts?



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4 thoughts on “How Are You?

  1. This is very interesting. I have boys in two different school years so have to choose which playground I scialise in if you want to put it that way. When I go and talk to somebody I cannot abide them talking across me when they see another person, social butterflying. Am I being petty? Because of this I rarely share feeling in the playground and always feel I have to hang back to get one person’s attention because they don’t concentrate on you. There have been the odd black day where I remove myself from any groups incase somebody asks me how I am as on those days I truly never know what to reply and they probably would not know how to repond any way. Luckily black days are very far and few between for me. Love you bring up great subjects like this. Would love to do this myself and get some comments.xx


    • I totally feel your pain. I don’t think you’re being petty at all. It’s very rude when people do that. Sometimes they just aren’t aware they’re doing it I think.
      And yes sometimes people just ask without wanting to really know how we are and we end up saying ‘fine thanks’ because it seems most appropriate in that circumstance.
      I’m glad black days are far between for you, thankfully I can say the same too. Unfortunately last week was almost a ‘black week’!! : /
      It’s the first time I’ve just posed a question without a lengthy post before it. Go for it I say! 🙂


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