Hand In Your Weapon! Let’s Make Trees, Not War

Hi everyone!

My second piece has been published by the Huffington Post.

My first post was published in January. You can find more information on it on the ‘Writing For The Huffington Post’ Page https://accidentallyreflective.com/writing-for-the-huffington-post/

This second piece is different to the first. Not so much about parenting or career choices.
It’s about a truly inspiring concept. Something that many countries and young people around the world could benefit from.

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Hand In Your Weapon! Let’s Make Trees, Not War

A quote from the piece:

“Having seen this sculpture and the story behind it, I wish that more countries around the world would work on setting up similar projects.

Weapons are a threat to our existence and they encourage and breed violence.
We need to be able to raise our children in a world where they use words to resolve disputes, where they can be patient enough to work through difficulties without having to resort to violence and killing, even in the ‘name’ of self defence.

When I watch the news, I hear about deaths and killing sprees using guns and knives, amongst other weapons on (what seems like) a daily basis.
Some deaths are caused by governments (okay a lot of them) and some by random adults and even teenagers that are full of anger and torment.
The common thing between these people; they have access to weapons and believe that using them will provide them with a solution.

It is heartbreaking. There has to be another way forward and we need to show people that way, just like they have in Mozambique.

Inspirational writer, Mattie Stepanek once said:

Wars should be fought with words, not bombs, not weapons. And calm words. I think that wars should be fought over a chessboard and a cup of something to drink.

How can we possibly argue with that?

Let’s make trees, not war.”


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