1000 Voices Speak Up For Compassion – Let’s Do This!

Tomorrow is a big day.

On Friday 20th February 2015, writers and bloggers from all around the world will come together to flood the internet with compassion and all that is GOOD.

This amazing global movement was sparked by a blog post a woman wrote (writing as Considerings) in early January 2015.

Over one thousand writers, bloggers, vloggers and photographers (the number is now over 1200) will publish their thoughts using the hashtag #1000Speak. The idea is to flood the internet with goodness.

Posts will be published worldwide via blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

The subject: compassion.




The Facebook group 1000 Voices for Compassion brought all of these wonderful people together after Yvonne Spence put out a call:

How cool would it be if we could get 1000 bloggers on the same day to write posts about compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgement, etc.? (Date to be decided.) We could call it 1000 Voices For Compassion. Who’s in?

Within the first 48 hours, over 400 bloggers had responded.

An overflow blog has been set up for those that would like to participate but don’t have a platform of their own (this space can include children).

If you have anything to say, be sure to use the hashtag  #1000Speak and spread your compassion worldwide.

We read and see so many horrific things on the internet on a daily basis. It’s time, we shared our positivity and good stories. There are so many amazing people in the world, doing such worthwhile things to help others… let’s talk about those. Let’s talk about compassion.
Let’s ignore the hate, stereotypes, sexism and focus on what is good.

Be sure to look out for my post… I need to get it ready today at some point! EEEEK!!!



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10 thoughts on “1000 Voices Speak Up For Compassion – Let’s Do This!

    • Thank you so much you amazing lady you! I have been meaning to respond to your post for weeks and also put out the announcement, I was busy with other things and couldn’t get all the relevant links together hence the delay.
      I have shared the post via twitter and MumsNet also. So hopefully we may get more participants.

      Your original post btw – was awesome. So much to think about and I couldn’t agree more with you. We need that village back and the only way to get it is to BE IT! Thanks so much for inspiring us all 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Well…I think it was a bit of a serendipity moment that this all happened and fell into place. I DEFINITELY think that it’s something which is a bit ‘bigger than’ just all of us. It’s something deep and connected and important to us as humans. We need it.

    Thanks so much for sharing it. I only made the connection that you’re in the UK when you said about MumsNet 🙂 Nice to meet a compatriot 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • We definitely need it! Yes a fellow Brit somehow getting through this thing called ‘half term’! Sigh
      The kids have been sick all week and I still haven’t finished my piece. I wrote most of it last night. I need to edit it now and sort out photos etc

      Looking forward to 100Speak explode today!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Explode isn’t even CLOSE to the word. Oh. My. GOSH! It’s gone absolutely MENTAL! I love it. It seems to be completely everywhere and it’s thrilling and utterly overwhelming!

        Have you managed your post? I’ve been buried under wonderful blog comments and connections, and twitter, and haven’t dared to look at facebook yet.

        So sorry your kids have been sick for the week. Bad timing for them! Half term feels like such a let-down when you lose it to illness.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It has gone mental and it has been an amazing experience to be part of.
        I got my post out in time on Friday by 2pm – phew.

        You hit the nail on the head – I feel like I lost a week! They are better now thankfully, hoping they stay that way for the rest of the year!

        I can’t find you on facebook, are you lconsider there or Lizzie?

        Hope you’re well and very proud of what you inspired 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well done you for getting your post in on time. In the end I flubbed the linkie and it stayed open longer, but I’ll get it right next time.

        I feel like I need an EXTRA week in order to read them. I doubt I’ll get to them all, in honesty, but SO wonderful that they’re there.

        Lizzi Rogers on facebook…let me know when you find me 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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