Flu – How I Hate You

We all lay in our beds, drifting in and out of consciousness… all FIVE of us unable to move.
We hadn’t eaten in two days, our lips parched, our eye sockets dark and sunken in.

What had occurred to leave our whole family in such a state?
What vile tragedy you may wonder?


Ok I’ll stop shouting.
Seriously though who knew?
I guess I did in theory. I knew the symptoms, I’ve had them before… but not ALL of them AND at the same time as my husband and children.

We had high fever, aches, pains, shivers, chills, nausea, some of us vomited violently, extreme weakness. I couldn’t walk or stand and didn’t get down the stairs for 2 days.

My gosh. Painful isn’t the word.

flu medication

It’s only when you lose your health that you begin to appreciate it. We take so much for granted.

I have OCD, I am a clean freak and I I found having a bath difficult. Now that’s something else for someone like me!

I always whinge when the children get ill, because I know that when one gets ill, the other two are bound to follow.
Yet now I realise how much harder it is when everyone is ill together. It’s awful.
Everything was a blur, I couldn’t even check the children over as well as I do usually, because of my own fever and lethargic state.

Anyway it’s almost over. We are now recovering.
So I’ll leave this short…

Go out there people and use your healthy body to do some good!!!

I relate to Thomas Fuller’s words completely:

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.”

Value it people! Value it! 🙂

I feel like I’ve lost a whole week.
I’ve missed everything on #1000Speak, my WP reader, Facebook, Twitter etc
I haven’t been rude or ignorant purposefully… I just couldn’t do anything.

My apologies to anyone who may have felt that way.

I have so much to catch up on!




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5 thoughts on “Flu – How I Hate You

    • Hey! Thanks so much April! It really sucks! I didn’t have the vaccine this year because I get it anyway – but this strain was just extreme! We are on the road to recovery, though my youngest has a very high temp again tonight 😦
      Hope you’re doing well 🙂


  1. AD I am very, very sorry. 😦 I knew you were all sick from your note but had no idea How bad, until now. Hon, I am very, very sorry. {HUGS} Please accept my heart’s hugs for you and the little ones, your hubs can have one too. Please be well soon my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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