Happy New Year 2016

Hello everybody!

Well 2015 was certainly an eventful year. I think I’ll call it the year I defined my goals.

I didn’t publish as many blog posts as I intended. I spent my time writing reports, articles and stories.

Other than writing, the year was spent organising the children, cooking, governing, working and travelling.

I tried to drink more water, eat less junk (failed miserably with that one), visit my neighbours and my grandmothers more, I didn’t write a journal on a daily basis but I did write a lot more this year than I ever have.

I am making only one resolution for next year and that is to write even more and finish off a story that needs to be written.

I will also continue to stay true to the following 5 lessons that Dr Seuss shares with us so eloquently…


In 2016 make sure you are YOU! Stand out by being yourself, nobody can do it better.

Decide where you want to be in life and start making changes towards that goal.

Remember only YOU can make things happen in 2016.

You’re in charge.

Let’s make this our year!

I hope the coming year is filled with much happiness and success for you.








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