Happy New Year 2017

2016 like any other year before it had many ups and downs. It was certainly a rollercoaster of emotions, but I’m grateful for everything and everyone I encountered in it (except politics and politicians). It was a shocking year in so many ways with Brexit and the American presidential election, I learned that misogyny and xenophobia were still rife around the world and that people were more comfortable in voicing their damaging opinions than I had ever remembered in my lifetime. But it was also a year where I found out that amongst the many hateful voices, there were many loving ones. There were people who were willing to stand up and speak out for others and in my piece Don’t Lose Hope – Be The Change That You Wish To See I decided that we should focus on the good in the world. I realised that I needed to stop worrying about the future and work hard, be kind to others, speak up for those that are suppressed and basically do more good.
I remembered that I and all you good earthlings can be the force of change.

In my post New Year New Me 2015 I made many resolutions; I wanted to improve my lifestyle by drinking more water, eating less junk and doing more for others. I managed to make some changes and struggled with some. My main resolution last year was to write more and finish a story, which I did. Yay!

It’s not been easy to juggle my writing goals with my family commitments this year, but somehow I managed. There were many times I wished I could run away to a retreat or some quiet place but I found if you really want to do something, you’ll find a way.
In 2016 I finished a big writing project (in draft form), made amazing new friends, got to know some lovely people on social media and saw my written work endorsed. I drank a bit more water, but still not enough and failed miserably on the not eating junk and blogging here more regularly resolutions. 

In 2017 I want to to meet most of my 2015 goals again (see above link), I also want to run more (my trousers are getting tight – eeek!).
I hope the coming year will be the one I start making a difference with my written work. For that is why I write, why I sit hour after hour researching, scribbling away and editing. It’s why I cry out of frustration and happiness. If I can show another perspective and help to open the minds of even a few people through my work this year- it will all have been worth it.

By now you’ll know that I love trees and I am going to take my lessons from one again. I’m going to stand tall, go out on a limb to make a difference to others, drink lots of water (I’ll need to revisit my how to make sure I drink enough water article again), enjoy the view and not forget my roots.

Lessons From A Tree via Power of Positivity

Lessons From A Tree via Power of Positivity

We may have tough times ahead, no one said it’s going to be easy, but together we can get through the coming year’s challenges. And we will.

I hope 2017 is full of good health, happiness and success for you.

Much love AD


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